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Introduction to Flamenco Dance
to Mar 2

Introduction to Flamenco Dance

NO previous knowledge required

Have you been dreaming of dancing flamenco? well stop dreaming and dance with one of the best Flamenco  teacher in South Florida?

You will learn technique, style, expression and the essence of Flamenco.

Learn To Dance Flamenco...No Matter What Age, Shape Or Size!

Flamenco wakes up the power and passion within you. It improves your posture and your self confidence.


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Shakti Dance® Retreat "SaraSwaraRasa Harmonius Attunement"
to Aug 31

Shakti Dance® Retreat "SaraSwaraRasa Harmonius Attunement"

Shakti is the animating force that enlivens all beings, the great mother of the universe. She is the vibration of every atom, she is all movement – she is the vibration at the base of all existence. Shakti is the dance of life.
Shakti is the great goddess, and consort of Shiva. Just as Shiva is static consciousness (pure awareness), Shakti is dynamic consciousness (awareness in motion). As Shiva is the dancer, Shakti is the dance.

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