Shakti Dance Goddess
Shakti Dance Goddess
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About Carmen Garzon (Dayalprem Kaur)  I am dedicated to empowering myself and other women with movement and energy healing for over 20 years.

I Believe in the healing benefits of dance and yoga. And when something benefits my life so greatly I know it’s my duty to share it with You
— Carmen Garzon

Carmen Garzon

(Dayalprem Kaur/Bastet Magic)

Credentials :

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  • 2nd Level Certified Shakti Dance® Instructor (The Yoga of Dance), Certified by Dharma Devi & Sara Avtar.

  • Studied Bellydance for 18 years with Maja Nile, Myriam Eli and Maria Jammal.

  • Certified as Bellydance Instructor by Maria Jammal.

  • Studying Flamenco dance for 13 years with Miguelangel, Mayelu & Marina Torres.

  • Flamenco Dance instructor for beginners.

  • Moonmother Certified Womb Healer by Miranda Gray

  • Reiki Master since 1998 by Ken Jepsen

  • Tibetan Palm Healer by Master Sunyata

  • Access Consciousness Bars

  • Tantric Dance of Feminine Power Practitioner taught by Vajra Ma

  • Biodanza "The Dance of Life" practitioner since 2009 with Hilda Restrepo

  • Ecstatic Dance Training with Dunya McPherson

  • Goddess Tara Dance Training with Prema Dasara,

  • Received 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki,

  • Q'ero Wombkeeper,

  • Kundalini Yoga Practioner since 2002

I was born in Ecuador but migrated to Brooklyn NY when I was seven years old. I have loved dancing and the arts my entire life. I grew up dancing and performing full of joy and confidence. I use to just create dances and perform anywhere as a child and teenager.  There was never a thought process of am I good enough or any  thought at all good or bad I just danced because that's what I did. Dance just made me happy; it was like breathing to me. This love and passion for dance gave my parents the perfect tool to get me to get excellent grades in school and to major in Math & Physics in high school. But when I graduated from high school my father told me "only low life women dance for a living" and was only willing to pay for a business degree but not a dance degree, so I studied a year of economics in college. However, I was not happy at all with this arrangement so I left home by myself and no money.  

I tried very much to do it on my own and for 2  years I studied at Brooklyn College Modern Dance Martha Graham Technique and dance history. However, by the time I was 20 years old and for the first time in my life I developed all my insecurities of not feeling good enough, that I would not survive as a dancer, that I would starve, that dancers are not nice girls and so I quit on my dream.

I then tried to find work in my next big passion which is travelling and I found a job on a cruise line and took off to see many parts of the world. I had so much fun using my skills as an entertainer and lover of people and I very much loved this part of my life. However, by 25 I knew I had to make a good living and make my parents proud.  So, I went back to college, graduated with honors, became a CPA & later became a CFO in my career. I also got married and had 2 beautiful and amazing children.

Then at 40 all hell broke loose and the unhappy pot inside started to stir up again. I no longer was happy in my marriage, my father (step father) past away, my best friend passed away, and I was no longer enjoying my career.  But,  I had no clue what I wanted next. I started a journey of self-discovery in 1992 (traditional therapy, reiki, yoga, biking, taekwondo, dancing and feminine wisdom) and by 48 I left my successful career and created Goddess Store & Studio. It was now or never and my Divine Feminine Wisdom gave me the courage to fulfill my dream to dance and to support other artists who also needed the support and the love required to nurture their artistic side. Something I missed in my life.

Currently I teach group classes, private lessons & workshops to amazing women of all walks of life. My clients are amazing Goddesses:Lawyers, Doctors, CPA's, Judges, Internet Millionaires, Bohemians, Artist and stay at home moms and wives. I bring the balance of creativity, femininity, dance and feminine wisdom into their worlds. I'm also the Founder for Non-Profit: World of Movement Arts Network (W.O.M.A.N.), Producer & Director of "Magic of Bellydance" Productions, Producer of Multi-Cultural Events and CEO of Entertainment Agency.