Shakti Dance Goddess
Shakti Dance Goddess
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Shakti Dancing the Chakras

Hello My Dear Friends,
Another week gone by on this journey called life. Wishing  you many blessings and that you are very well and thank you for staying in touch with me. I am Feeling very blessed with my life. I love teaching my Shakti Dance classes and having extra time to nurture myself,  grandchildren and all my relationships with my children, family, lover, friends and students.

I feel that the key to a happier life is finding the tools that work for you. Sometimes or most of the times we just have to try a few different things to find the things that make you happy and that you are willing to stay determined and consistent and not make any excuses why you should not go or do them.
Many of you know my story of from Corporate Executive to Dance Studio owner in my late 40's. I had forgotten me and focused on making money, career, husband and kids. So when I first started to dig deep I started with Tae Kwon Do and it was awesome I practiced for 5 years and it's exactly what I needed after my divorce. Then I started to do long distance bicycle rides 100 to 150 mile rides with a team and did that for about 10 years also enjoyed the heck out of that and the friends that I made and it was just what I needed at the time.
Finally by 45 I rediscovered dancing and this is where I have settled the last 20 years and I gave up the biking to focus on dance. Let me tell you it has been a journey not always great times but it's the one thing that I will not let anything or anyone get in the way including myself and my wicked witch voice inside my head. Dancing has become my intimate therapist, it's how I keep my physical and mental abilities sharp. It's how I connect to God/dess and it's how I re-energize myself. I love so many forms and this keeps changing. The one consistent and my favorite is Flamenco and Shakti Dance. I love Shakti dance because I can dance to anything in Shakti bellydance, flamenco, African, creative you name it anything and it's a sacred practice that keeps me intimately connected to my creator.
I currently study flamenco, salsa casino, afro-Cuban and teach Shakti Dance, Flamenco & Bellydance.  I would love to find a great spiritual bellydance teacher again and asking the Universe if this would be possible to please bring her to me. I love to teach but I also love to learn. It's like giving and receiving and it keeps my energy flowing.
Therefore I recommend you give my shakti dance, flamenco or bellydance  classes a try you never know when that something that makes a tremendous difference in your life shows up unless you give it a try. Besides my group classes at Banyan House I also teach privates so call me don't be shy (954) 881-6238 my rate is $99 an hour :)

♥️We Started last Saturday 6/8 to Work on Root Chakra with Shakti Dance®️. We are Stretching, Dancing, Meditating to powerful Root Chakra Mantras and music and continuing to connect and balance our Root by deeply connecting to Mother Earth. 

♥️Saturday 6/15 we start working on Sacral Chakra join us and learn what this Chakra is all about and how to align it. Reconnect to your sensuality, sexuality, creativity and get better at going with the flow. Classes are At The Banyan House at 9:45 am & 11:00 am with Carmen (me)
The Sacral, second chakra when healthy brings comfort, pleasure, romance, desire, beauty, ingenuity, passion, affection, style, sexuality, indulgence, sweetness, creativity, art and so much more. How cool is that??

🌻The body never lies. Martha Graham 

🌻Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.Henry Miller

♥️Give your body permission to express & to heal you through sacred movement 🎶💃🏽


I teach at The Banyan House every Week:
19 S. Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004
Saturday June 15: 9:45 am with Conscious Reggae Music
Saturday June 15: 11:00am Shakti Dance Sacral Chakra
Tuesday June 1: 6:30pm Shakti Dance Sacral Chakra (will be different from Saturday class)

Shakti Dance® is a fun restorative Dance and Yoga class that anyone can do. Yes even if you have not taken a class or done anything for you lately. Just open your heart and relax the mind to receive new tools that will make a huge difference in your life.

Also very happy to announce that women signed up for the early bird discounted price for our Women Only retreat in September and I am very very grateful for you and your support. we are going to have a transformational weekend sharing in sisterhood and I can't wait to see and share dance, healing and rituals and so many other tools to help us kick ass for the good of ourselves and those that surround us on this journey.

Wise, Wild & Sacred Feminine Dance Retreat
with Jacqui Lalita & Carmen Garzon
New Moon Weekend September 28 & 29, 2019
Manifesting my Retreats dream. I truly wish you could join us in September. Please share this experience with your girlfriends. If you get 3 of your close girl friends or family mom, daughters, sisters to join you get your weekend retreat complimentary or split the total cost with your friends & family and each one pays $135 instead of $180. 
Jacqui Lalita is joining us from  Malibu, California she is an International Sacred Dance teacher dedicated to the Divine Feminine.  it's a great privilege and opportunity to have Jacqui right here in our back yard of South Miami. Area code 33187 in a Private Saraswati Sacred Temple.
Click Here for Details

Shakti Dance Goddess