Shakti Dance Goddess
Shakti Dance Goddess


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  • YC DANCE STUDIO 2121 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, FL, 33020 United States (map)


$99 for one hour call me for an appointment (954) 881-6238

At a Studio or Your Home at Your convenient date, time & place. Ignore dates & times here.

No experience in dance is needed. This class is for all Goddesses of all ages and beautiful body types.

Bring comfortable practice clothes. A flowing skirt and hip scarf are helpful. You are encouraged to wear anything that particularly inspires your inner and outer feminine spirit. Veils and coin belts will be provided.  Please also bring an open mind and heart, something to drink and something to write with.

I take a holistic, mystical and goddess approach to the practice of bellydance. I will introduce you to the softer and flowing movements of bellydance as well as the more fiery movements. You will learn sensual feminine moves that will connect you to your femininity and sensuality which will open new doors of creativity in your life.

Dance expression is an ancient mystical art and a conscious expression of your unique inner movements. When you give your body permission to self expression you nurture your Divine feminine within.  Your bellydance movements express sacred symbols with your body and it’s also a magical way to balance your chakras and a wonderful way to connect to the mysteries of our Universe.

The class is a ritual, there will be an opening with intention setting, a gentle Shakti warm-up, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to execute the upper and lower body movements. You will learn hip circles, chest circles, upward and downward figure eights, traveling steps, shimmies, spins, veil movements and sensual arm and shoulder moves. Class will close with a gentle cool down and gratefulness.

In time class will include if desired: reiki, womb healing, womb rite, cirlce sharing, Goddess wisdom

The intention of the class is to create a community of women connected by dance and mutual respect who willing to support each other without judgement or trying to fix or change each other. To enjoy other women for who they are.

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