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Shakti Dance® Retreat "SaraSwaraRasa Harmonius Attunement"

  • Shakti Dance Retreat 18700 Southwest 156 Street Miami, FL, 33187 United States (map)

General Information:

Shakti Dance® The Yoga of Dance Miami Retreat

"SaraSwaraRasa"...Harmonious Attunement

Date: August 25th-31st, 2018
Where: 18700 SW 156 st, Miami, FL 33187
Contact info: call or e-mail

Touching your Life with a Wave of Grace....

Join us for a deeply nurturing and creative 6-day Shakti Dance® The Yoga of Dance Training and Retreat in Miami, Florida. and give radiant expression to the impulse of your soul.

SaraSwaraRasa is the radiant resonance of aware prana-shakti, characteristic to Shakti Dance®. Its attunement and harmonization brings a profound shift of perspective, expanding horizons and opening out into a deep meditative space of Peaceful Presence. 
Bathing in this regenerating space of SaraSwaraRasa imparts vibrant health, clarity of purpose and elevated Creative Spirit. 

We warmly invite you to share in this truly magical and blissfully transformative experience.

In this week, 

  • we will explore with depth and postural precision the cyclic entwinement of flowing movement with rhythmic breath and voice.
  • we will illuminate the practice with mindfulness - and synchronize it all, blissfully, through sacred repetition with mantra.
  • With this careful alignment, we will observe how the subtle flow of prana-shakti gently unfolds, releasing inner blocks and deep conditioning, while gracefully tuning the instrument of mind and body for fullness of spirit.
  • As all parts interweave to merge in harmonious coherence, we will discover how our mind and body begin to resonate with radiance! The Innate Wisdom (Shiva awareness) spontaneously shining through.
  • We will take time to observe how this innate knowing guides us as we open up for the inspiration of the subtle spheres.
  • We will experience soft surrender to the emanation of creative and authentic expression, caressed by waves of Shakti, as they undulate through us with originality and celebration into free dance and song! 

This 6-day intensive will shift your Shakti Dance® practice and teaching to a new paradigm, as your psycho-frequency attunes more fully to the radiant pranic patterns of SaraSwaraRasa. Your practice, teaching and other areas of life will begin to synchronise, touched by the creative wisdom of Saraswati, guiding you in the fulfilment of potential.

If you are a newcomers, and you are not certified as Shakti Dance lev. 1 Instructor, please read here for your course description.

Shakti Dance Master Instructors:

Sara Avtar 

will dedicate her presence to the Shakti Dance certified instructor and share some of the time with the no certified attendees.

Dharma Devi

Dharma Devi will dedicate her presence to this who are not Certified Shakti Dance Instructors.

Who can take this program:

This 6-day intensive is open to both newcomers and more experienced Shakti Dance® Teachers. The teaching program will be arranged into different sessions to accommodate both levels - separately and together. It gives ample time to relax, integrate the teachings, socialize and enjoy the beautiful location.
Shakti Dance Lead Trainer, Dharma Devi, will assist with some of the Newcomers’ sessions.
Founding Creator, Sara Avtar, will teach the “Whole Group Classes” and most of the Teachers’ sessions

Schedule for Certified attendees:

9:00 - 10:00 am Introduction for SD Teachers
10:00 -11:30 am Break
11:30 - 1:30 pm Whole Group Class
1:30 - 3:00 pm Lunch
3:00 - 4:00 pm SD Teachers
4:00 - 5:30 pm Break
5:30 - 7:30 pm Whole Group Class
7.30 - 8:30 Dinner
8:45 - 9:30 pm SD Teachers (not every evening)
(6 plus hours per day)

Schedule for not Certified attendees (newcomers):

10:00 - 11:00 am Introduction for Newcomers
11:00 - 11:30 am Break
11:30 - 1:30 pm Whole Group Class
1:30 - 4:00 pm Lunch
4:00 - 5:00 pm Newcomers
5:00 - 5:30 pm Break
5:30 - 7:30 pm Whole Group Class
7:30 - 8:30 pm Dinner
(6 hours per day)


Can be paid in two installments: $600 by May 20th + $600 by June 5th


After May 20th the price will go up to the regular price as follow:
Tuition (Please read about CC fees, Prices below do not include Credit Card or Paypal fee):

  • Deposit: $700 (of which $350 not refundable) 
  • By June 20th $1350 (includes deposit)               
  • After June 20th $1500(includes deposit)           

*By Making your first payment you accept terms and condition for payments, cancellation and refund policy. This information is stated on this same page and on your registration form.
**If you need more information before you proceed with your payment please contact


Payment method:

  • No fee payment method: Cash, Venmo (@DharmaDevi), PayPal (friend and family to or Check (Payable to Simona Yoga, send check to Simona Yoga 819 Bloomfield Avenue, apt. 11, Montclair, NJ 07042),
  • 3% fee payment method: Credit Card, PayPal (Services and goods to the fee will be included at checkout / (3% fee=$40.50 for pre-reg. price-$45.00 for full price)

Payment plans (Please check your option):
Payment plans by June 20th (includes processing fee) be aware that payment plans will change after June 20th, 2018 accordingly with the change of the price: 

  • Option A: Deposit $700 ($350 of which not refundable) + $700 on the first of the month 
  • Option B: Deposit $700 ($350 of which not refundable) + 2 payments of $350 on the first day of each month

The balance can be paid in two or three payments, but it must be fully paid by August 20th, 2018. In any case, the course must be fully funded before it starts.
Please be responsible with your payments due dates and the rules. Installment plan is a great opportunity to afford the training, it is not a chance to try out the training, and if you do not like it you just drop out. That's not how it works. The organization of a Training depends on your ability to keep your commitment, Shakti is a Sanskrit word deriving from "Shak" which means " be able to". We all work hard for you, please if you have any personal concern or difficulties consider to talk with the lead trainer and/or the organizer to find any possible solution and assist you with your concerns and find a solution for you, but please keep in mind that there are many people involved in this organization, be mindful of all people involved that work for you to give you the best they can :-)

Please send this registration back to Dharma by email or by mail, Simona Evoli, 819 Bloomfield Ave., apt 11, Montclair, NJ 07042
Your payment must be done as you submit your the registration form.
For more information please call Dharma Devi 862.203.0082 or write to

REGISTER BY MAY 20th (Special Price)

REGISTER NOW (pay with Credit Card)



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Accommodation and food:

Unfortunately, we cannot include the accommodation and food in the program cost, and because we will have the course at a private site, we cannot offer accommodation on site. 
However, we are happy to help you find accommodation as close as possible to the course location so that you don't have to travel back and forth if your home is too far. 
Around the property where we are holding the program, there are hotels and Airbnb, gently reach out to ask us how we can help you. Let us know the following information:

  • you maximum budget per night;
  • if you would like to have a place on your own or you are happy to share (Room or home in case of Airbnb);
  • date of arrival and departure;

Based on this information we will be matching you with accommodation possibilities and other attendees that have same needs.

About the food part, there are farmer markets around the area where you can get some good food. We will provide snacks such as fresh fruit, water, and some cold drink to keep us going during the day, but you need to think about your meals, there will be plenty of breaks long enough for you to go out and get your meals and additional drink. 
We could also organize a potluck bringing food to share with one another and enjoy the beautiful ritual of eating together. We will be talking about this details as soon as I have a better picture of the group.

Please, feel free to call or e-mail Dharma Devi with the above information.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation and Refund (please check each points to acknowledge you have read and accepted):

  • Cancellation by June 20th, 2018: full refund, less $350 included in your deposit payment
  • Cancellation by July 20th, 2018: 50% refund of what paid 
  • Cancellation after July 20th: No refund (you might transfer the funds to another Training Program if approved)


You don't' need to be a dancer or a long time experienced yogi to participate to this course.
This Teacher Training Program Lev. 2 is opened to both certified and not certified Shakti Dance Lev. 1 instructors.
Read carefully below:
    •    If you are a Shakti Dance Certified Instructor Lev. 1: this program will give a certification of completion of this Lev. 2 module (Level 2 is composed of many modules), you will be able to register on the academy website as lev. 2 instructor; In order to have accredited this module in your Lev. 2 you must attend the full 6 days of the course.
    •    If you are not a Shakti Dance Certified Instructor Lev. 1 or 2: This course will be a great opportunity for you to learn Shakti Dance and opens the path to the Lev. 1 certification. This program will count as 15 classes toward your 30 extra classes  required to certify as Shakti Dance Instructor Lev. 1 (Please ask for more information if you need)
    •    If you are a trainer in training or thinking to become one: This course is mandatory for you :-) 
Specifically for Shakti Dance Lev. 1 instructors and trainers in training: 

  • You cannot miss any day of the course, absence will not be possible to make up,
  • You will still be responsible for the full payment of the course;
  • If you miss any day, your course will not qualify you as second lev. 2. Instructor;

Specifically for not certified Shakti Dance instructor (NEWCOMERS):

  • No discounts are offered if you have to miss or miss a day of the program.
  • You will not be certified as a Shakti Dance instructor;
  • This course will give you credit towards your extra requirement for your Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 1.
  • This course will count as 15 classes toward your 30 extra classes to certify as SD Lev. 1
  • It will give you $100 discount on the Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 1 full tuition.

REGISTER BY MAY 20th (Special Price)

REGISTER NOW (Pay with your Credit Card)

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